Audemus Dicere! We dare to say!
Learn Ecclesiastical Latin with 2SPetrvs and with the
assistance of the voices of the Popes

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Episode 1: Why Latin in the Mass?

Content Description

Audemus dicere! 2SPetrvs dares to announce a new series focusing on Ecclesiastical Latin. With the occasional support of the voices of the Popes, we will cover select (liturgical, linguistic, cultural, historical, etc) concepts, learn about and the pronunciations of key prayers for the home and the Sacred Liturgy, and -in advanced episodes- gain an appreciation for the mechanics of the Latin language, in particular the logical grammatical structure.
The scope is not an all encompassing Latin course. We want to help you pray and sing in the Traditional Latin Mass, pray in Latin at home alone or with friends and loved ones, or simply for you to gain an understanding and appreciation for the mother tongue of the Church. This is a tall order to fill! We will start slow, release videos as time allows, and grow and learn with you.

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